Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Other Pets?


Hedgehogs, with their adorable quills and inquisitive nature, have become increasingly popular as pets. If you’re considering bringing a hedgehog into your home and already share your space with other furry friends, you might be wondering: do hedgehogs get along with other pets? Let’s delve into the hedgehog’s social dynamics and explore how they can coexist with different members of your animal family.

Hedgehog House Rules – Understanding Their Nature

Before introducing a hedgehog to your existing pet family, it’s crucial to comprehend the natural behavior of these spiky companions. Hedgehogs are generally solitary animals in the wild, and their quills serve as a protective barrier. This solitary instinct can influence their interactions with other pets.

The Feline Factor – Cats and Hedgehogs

Cats, known for their curiosity, might find the presence of a hedgehog intriguing. However, caution is key. Introduce them gradually, ensuring the hedgehog has a secure hiding place. Some cats may be uninterested, while others might view the hedgehog as a potential playmate. Supervision during initial encounters is essential to prevent any unintended swats.

Doggone Compatibility – Dogs and Hedgehogs

Dogs, with their varying temperaments, can react differently to hedgehogs. Smaller, calmer dogs may be less of a concern, but larger, more energetic breeds might pose a risk. It’s crucial to introduce them in a controlled environment, always prioritizing the safety of both animals. Never leave them unattended until you’re confident in their compatibility.

The Rodent Roommate – Hedgehogs and Small Pets

If you have other small pets, such as guinea pigs or rabbits, cautious introductions are necessary. The quills of a hedgehog might discourage smaller animals from getting too close, but it’s essential to monitor their interactions to ensure everyone feels safe.

A Feathery Friendship? – Birds and Hedgehogs

Birds, residing in their cages, are generally safe from hedgehogs. However, it’s crucial to keep the hedgehog away from any unsupervised interactions with birds. Their natural instincts might lead to attempts at digging or burrowing, potentially causing stress to the avian members of your household.

Social Supervision – Tips for Successful Introductions

Regardless of the type of pet, gradual introductions are key. Allow pets to get acquainted with each other’s scents before face-to-face meetings. Always supervise interactions, especially during the initial stages. Provide safe spaces for your hedgehog to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed.

Hedgehog Haven – Creating a Safe Environment

Ensure your hedgehog has a secure and comfortable living space, complete with hiding spots and a cozy nest. This not only promotes their well-being but also gives them a retreat when interactions with other pets become too much.

Signs of Stress – Reading Your Hedgehog’s Cues

Hedgehogs may display signs of stress, such as curling into a ball or making hissing noises. If you observe these behaviors during interactions with other pets, it’s essential to intervene and create a more controlled environment.


While hedgehogs can coexist with other pets, successful integration requires patience, supervision, and a keen understanding of each animal’s behavior. Not all hedgehogs will have the same level of tolerance for other pets, so it’s crucial to tailor introductions to the individual personalities involved. With the right approach, your hedgehog can find a place of comfort and companionship in your diverse pet family.


Q1: Can hedgehogs live with other hedgehogs?

A: In general, hedgehogs are solitary animals and may display territorial behaviors when housed together. It’s recommended to keep them individually unless supervised introductions are conducted for breeding purposes.

Q2: Are there certain breeds of dogs or cats that are more hedgehog-friendly?

A: The temperament of individual animals matters more than the breed. Smaller, calmer dogs and cats may be more compatible, but it ultimately depends on the personalities of the specific pets involved.

Q3: How do I introduce my hedgehog to other pets safely?

A: Gradual introductions are essential. Allow pets to sniff each other’s scents before direct contact. Always supervise interactions and be ready to intervene if any signs of stress or aggression are observed.

Q4: Can hedgehogs and rabbits share the same living space?

A: While some hedgehogs may coexist peacefully with rabbits, it’s crucial to monitor their interactions closely. Hedgehogs have sharp quills, and rabbits may be startled by sudden movements.

Q5: Do hedgehogs get along with birds?

A: It’s generally advisable to keep hedgehogs away from unsupervised interactions with birds. Hedgehogs may exhibit digging behaviors, which can cause stress to caged birds.

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