8 Uses Of Garlic Peel That No One Told You

Garlic is renowned for its culinary uses and health benefits, but what about its often-discarded peel? Surprisingly, garlic peel possesses hidden potentials that remain largely untold. Here, we delve into eight remarkable uses of garlic peel that can revolutionize how you view this kitchen staple.

Natural Pesticide for Gardens

Tired of pests ravaging your garden? Garlic peel can serve as a potent natural pesticide. By boiling the peels in water and creating a spray, you’ll have an effective deterrent against unwanted insects while keeping your plants chemical-free.

Composting Goldmine

Embrace eco-friendliness by composting garlic peels. They are rich in nitrogen and other essential nutrients, enhancing the quality of your compost. Their decomposition helps enrich the soil, fostering healthier plant growth.

Flavorsome Infusion in Cooking

Surprise your taste buds by infusing garlic peel into oils, sauces, or soups. The peel adds a subtle yet distinct garlic flavor to your dishes, elevating the culinary experience without overpowering the taste.

Skin Rejuvenation

Harness the antioxidant properties of garlic peel for skincare. Create a DIY face mask by grinding dried garlic peel into a fine powder and mixing it with honey or yogurt. This natural concoction can help rejuvenate and brighten your skin.

Alleviating Toothache

When toothache strikes unexpectedly, the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic peel can offer relief. Placing a small piece of fresh peel on the affected area may help reduce discomfort until proper dental care is obtained.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Agent

Bid farewell to harsh chemical cleaners! Garlic peel can be a key ingredient in creating an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solution. When steeped in vinegar, it becomes a potent cleaner for surfaces, effectively tackling stains and grime.

Enhancing Plant Growth

Utilize garlic peel to stimulate plant growth. By placing a few garlic peels in the soil near your plants, you can potentially deter pests and encourage healthier growth due to the natural sulfur compounds present.

Craft Natural Dyes

Get creative with garlic peel by using it as a natural dye. Boil the peels to extract their color, producing vibrant yellow hues that can be used for dyeing fabrics or Easter eggs.


In conclusion, the overlooked garlic peel is a versatile powerhouse that extends far beyond its initial purpose. From organic pest control to skincare and natural dyes, these eight innovative uses demonstrate the value of this often-underestimated kitchen byproduct.


Q1: Can garlic peel be stored for future use?

A1: Yes, garlic peel can be dried and stored in an airtight container for later use in various applications.

Q2: Is there a risk of allergic reactions to using garlic peel on the skin?

A2: While allergic reactions are possible, applying a small amount on a small patch of skin beforehand can help determine sensitivity.

Q3: Can I use garlic peel directly in cooking?

A3: Yes, garlic peel can be added to infuse flavor into oils, soups, and sauces, but remember to remove it before serving.

Q4: How long does it take for garlic peel to decompose in compost?

A4: Garlic peel typically takes a few weeks to several months to fully decompose, depending on composting conditions.

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