8 Dog Breeds That Can Go Extinct Soon


1. The Plight of the Puli: A Hungarian Heritage at Risk

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Once celebrated for their unique corded coat and herding prowess, Pulis now find themselves at risk of disappearing from the canine landscape. Environmental changes and modern farming practices have impacted their traditional roles, posing a threat to this distinctive Hungarian breed.

2. Dandie Dinmont Terrier: A Rarity in Danger

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With its distinctive appearance and charming personality, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a true rarity. However, dwindling numbers and limited breeding have put this delightful breed on the endangered list. Explore the unique history of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier and the challenges it faces.

3. Otterhounds: The Endangered Aquatic Hounds

Otterhound Dog Breed Info | Petfinder

Known for their webbed feet and love for water, Otterhounds are facing a challenging time. Changing landscapes, reduced demand for their hunting skills, and limited breeding efforts are pushing this once-thriving breed to the brink of extinction. Dive into the aquatic world of Otterhounds and the conservation efforts underway.

4. Chinook: A Rare Sled Dog Breed on Thin Ice

Chinook Dog [Interesting Information About The Breed]

Developed for sled dog racing and pulling heavy loads, the Chinook breed is struggling to survive in the modern era. As the demand for traditional sled dog teams diminishes, these friendly and hardworking dogs face a precarious future. Explore the fascinating history of the Chinook and the efforts to ensure its survival.

5. Field Spaniel: Losing Ground in the Show Ring

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Once a favorite in the show ring, the Field Spaniel is now grappling with declining popularity and a shrinking gene pool. Uncover the challenges this charming breed faces, from health concerns to shifting preferences, and learn about initiatives aimed at preserving its unique characteristics.

6. Ibizan Hound: Racing Against Time

Ibizan Hound - Price, Temperament, Life span

Renowned for their elegance and agility, Ibizan Hounds are now struggling to keep pace with contemporary trends. As urban living becomes more prevalent, this breed faces challenges adapting to modern lifestyles. Explore the unique characteristics of Ibizan Hounds and the initiatives striving to secure their future.

7. The Swedish Vallhund: Heritage Under Threat

Swedish Vallhund: Characteristics, Care & Photos | BeChewy

Hailing from Sweden, the Vallhund faces challenges as its traditional role in herding becomes less relevant in the modern world. With a declining population, breed enthusiasts are working tirelessly to ensure the survival of this Viking-era companion. Unearth the history of the Swedish Vallhund and the efforts to preserve its cultural significance.

8. Sussex Spaniel: A Sporting Breed in Decline

Sussex Spaniel Dog Breed Guide | Gundog Journal

With a rich history in hunting and fieldwork, the Sussex Spaniel is facing a decline in popularity as modern lifestyles shift away from traditional hunting practices. Delve into the world of this sporting breed and discover the obstacles it must overcome to avoid fading into obscurity.


The fate of these eight dog breeds hangs in the balance, as their numbers dwindle and their roles in society evolve. While some breeds face challenges due to environmental shifts and changing societal preferences, dedicated breed enthusiasts and conservation efforts provide hope for their survival. It’s crucial for dog lovers to be aware of these endangered breeds and support initiatives that aim to preserve their unique characteristics and histories.


1. Are these dog breeds truly on the verge of extinction?

While not all of them are critically endangered, these breeds face declining populations and various challenges that threaten their long-term survival. Conservation efforts are crucial to ensuring their continued existence.

2. How can I contribute to the preservation of endangered dog breeds?

Supporting reputable breeders, adopting from rescue organizations, and spreading awareness about these breeds can make a significant impact. Donations to breed-specific conservation organizations also play a vital role.

3. Are there any success stories of dog breeds making a comeback from the brink of extinction?

Yes, some breeds have experienced successful conservation efforts and rebounded from the brink of extinction. These stories highlight the importance of proactive measures to protect endangered breeds.

4. What role do changing environmental conditions play in the decline of these dog breeds?

Environmental changes can impact traditional roles and lifestyles that certain breeds were bred for. This, coupled with shifting societal preferences, contributes to the challenges faced by these endangered breeds.

5. Can crossbreeding help in preserving these endangered dog breeds?

Crossbreeding can be a controversial topic, as it may dilute the unique characteristics of endangered breeds. Responsible breeding practices and genetic diversity within the existing breed pool are often prioritized to preserve their distinct traits.

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