Don’t Want Someone to Watch Your Instagram Story? Here’s How!

Ever wanted to share a story but felt hesitant because certain eyes might see it? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a nosy relative, a colleague, or an ex, sometimes you just need that extra layer of privacy. Fear not! Let’s dive into how you can keep your stories just for the eyes you want on them.

Understanding Instagram Story Privacy

The Basics of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are fun, fleeting glimpses into our daily lives. But unlike posts, they disappear after 24 hours. Despite their temporary nature, controlling who sees them is still crucial for many users.

Why Privacy Matters

Your online presence is an extension of your personal space. Just as you wouldn’t want uninvited guests at your home, sometimes you want to keep certain people away from your stories.

Tailoring Your Audience

The Close Friends Feature

Instagram knows that sharing with everyone isn’t always what we want. Enter the Close Friends feature. This lets you create a select circle who can see certain stories others can’t. Neat, right?

Hiding Stories from Specific People

Maybe you don’t want to curate a Close Friends list but need to keep your story from just one or two people. Instagram’s got you covered! You can hide your story from specific users with just a few taps.

Step-by-Step: Restricting Your Story Viewers

Setting Up Close Friends

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu and go to Close Friends.
  3. Add friends you trust to this list. Only they’ll see what you post here.

Hiding Stories From Specific Users

  1. Go to Settings and then to Privacy.
  2. Select Story and look for the option to Hide Story From.
  3. Choose the people you want to hide your stories from. They’ll be none the wiser!

The Impact of Controlling Your Audience

Enhanced Personal Comfort

With control over your viewers, you can share more freely, knowing only the people you trust are watching.

Avoiding Potential Awkwardness

Sometimes sharing with everyone can lead to awkward or unwanted situations. Tailoring your audience helps maintain your social peace.

Tips for a Positive Instagram Experience

Regularly Update Your Lists

People come and go from our lives. Make sure your Close Friends and hidden lists reflect your current relationships.

Be Mindful of What You Share

Even with privacy settings, it’s wise to remember that once something is online, it’s out of your control. Share responsibly!

When to Use These Features

Personal Moments

Perhaps you’re sharing something sensitive or sentimental meant only for close friends or family.

Professional Boundaries

Maybe you’re enjoying a day off and prefer to keep colleagues or clients from seeing your leisure activities.

Conclusion: Your Story, Your Audience

Instagram stories are a fantastic way to express yourself and share your life with others. But having control over who sees what is a powerful tool for your digital wellbeing. Whether it’s through Close Friends or hiding stories from certain users, you have the power to tailor your audience. So go ahead, share your story on your terms!


Will someone know if I hide my story from them?

No, Instagram does not notify users if you hide your story from them.

Can I change my Close Friends list later?

Absolutely! You can add or remove people from your Close Friends list at any time.

What if I accidentally share a story with someone I didn’t mean to?

You can delete the story immediately, and remember, it disappears after 24 hours anyway.

Is there a limit to how many people I can hide my story from?

There isn’t a specific limit, but managing a massive list might become cumbersome.

Can I make my entire account private instead of just my stories?

Yes, you can set your account to private in your settings so only approved followers can see any of your posts or stories.

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